ML033 – Personality Assessments & Role Playing

In this show Dan Hirt, Adam Costakes and Ryan Anderson chat about recruiting, personality assessments and role playing. Show notes found at and you can email us at

We also chat about a LinkedIn post about IDs not wanting to give work samples.  Why do I have the impression that some people don’t want to give samples, when everyone is agreeing with me?

Ryan also has a podcast.

Headlines and Articles

Should You Trust the Myers-Briggs Personality Test? – Areo

Ask a Trainer: How Can I Help My Team Goal-Set This Year?

General Chatter: Sales Training

  • Best experiences
  • Worst experiences
  • Why does role playing work?
    • What does it look like on the job
  • What do you need to worry about when training sales ppl?
  • What DONT you need to worry about?

Show notes found at and you can email us at

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