Episode 13 – The power of Co-hosts, and Origami

In this podcast special guest and Training Specialist Eli Berant joins Adam and Dan. They discuss how two things can be true at once, where Virtual Reality fits, and if it’s snake oil.

Show Notes @ www.mosby.ca/013

You Done Messed Up 00:17:51


The Modern Leader 00:19:40

 Empathy-based virtual reality training a ‘game changer’ for Halton police 00:27:37

Forbes “Paid Program” The Future Of Safety Training: Looking At VR And Immersive LearningHere’s an article on what that means.

The amount of training Lexus requires of workers is mind-blowing 00:45:35

20 top graphic design trends for 2020 00:55:34

Number 11 is hi-larious

Poetry CornerTyler D.” – By Dan Hirt 00:57:55

The Big Thing 

Virtual Training – Working with a Co-host. The possibilities are endless!!! 00:59:23

Show Notes @ www.mosby.ca/013

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