Episode 14 – Facilitation and [REDACTED] Tanning

In this episode Dan and (Cynthia) Gibbs chat about a huge lose to the puppeting world, the differences between facilitation and training and where the sun should never go. (the answer will not surprise you)

Show Notes can be found here www.mosby.ca/014

You Done Messed Up (Corrections, Omissions, and Apologies) @00:05:49


The death of Big Bird puppeteer Caroll Spinney @00:10:16

Top 5 workplace learning trends in 2020 @00:14:29

Military training simulation has soldiers sweating bullets in Charlottetown @00:34:42

Dan slightly Revises his position on VR @00:41:42

Content Marketing: What Every Learning Practitioner Needs to Know @00:46:00

NEW SEGMENT: All You Need is Smiles @00:48:08

Can Training Fix It: The worlds dumbest ‘wellness trend’, Perineum (taint) Tanning…. @00:54:42

THE BIG THING –> What is the difference between trainer and facilitator? @01:02:23

Show Notes @ www.mosby.ca/014

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“RetroFuture Dirty”, “Winner, Winner!”, “Spy Glass”, “Ice Flow” , & “The Show Must Be Go” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)

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All You Need is Smiles. Written and performed by Oscar Bluth