Episode 15 – Christmas Wish-lists and Last Minute Chaos

Cynthia Gibbs, Eli Berant, and Dan Hirt discuss James ‘Radio’ Kennedy, if last minute shopping is a training issue, and what we’d ask Santa for. The Mosby staff is still unclear on how James Kennedy fits into the program, but it’s a loss nonetheless.

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Virtual language learning @00:09:20

James Kennedy, who inspired movie ‘Radio’ with his love of high school football, has died @00:14:17

Six Thinking Scaffolds That Can Move Students Toward Deeper Levels of Understanding @00:19:56

Pentagon eyes big expansion of foreign military training program @00:37:45

Poetry Corner 

“Let’s design Instruction” – A Poem by Dan Hirt @00:45:00

Can training Fix It?

The Last Minute Shopping Rush @00:48:50

The Big Thing @00:55:57

Our L&D Christmas wish list. What new toys do you want for your L&D toy-chest this Christmas?

Show Notes @ www.mosby.ca/015

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