Mosby 17 – Fire Fighters, Illegal Worker Training, and Customer Service Woes

Dan, Gibbs, and Adam discuss Canada’s Air Force, Detroit’s Fire Fighters, and South Korea’s massage industry. Oh, and Gibbs has a loosely related customer service experience.

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You Done Messed Up @ 00:03:57

The Secrets of Facilitation: The SMART Guide to Getting Results with Groups b…

Augment your training reality with video @ 00:08:55

5 Strategies for Delivering Complicated Technical Training @00:15:55

RCAF puts restrictions on training aircraft after three engine-related incidents @ 00:35:45

Training offered to returning illegal workers @ 00:42:25


Detroit firefighters may face discipline after posing in front of burning house @ 00:46:38

THE BIG THING @ 00:57:16

Gibbs’ Customer Service Woes

A GOOD THING @ 01:11:25

Ping by Ani Castillo

Show notes found at and you can email us at [email protected]

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