ML021 – Authenticity, Employee Resource Groups, & Machine Learning. It’s Complicated

Core Mosby! Adam and Dan debate the value of Employee Resources Groups while trying to maintain authenticity. By the end of this episode we’re talking about the 2nd Amendment. And it’s STILL a learning and development podcast! Also, did we find a terrific use for VR in learning?

Authenticity and Social Media Update on our notes on that ATD LinkedIn post @ 00:06:00

TGIF @ 00:10:30

Dan implements a 5 episode ban on referring to HSBC. You’re welcome. @ 00:14:45


Quebec could move its mandatory driver training online @ 00:17:53

Do your inclusivity initiatives measure up? @ 00:28:15 This discussion got us into some unplanned territory. Here are a couple more links if you’d like to explore further. FIND YOUR OWN SOURCES, but here’s some stats: and here’s an explanation of some stats:

Learning that Targets Millennial and Generation Z Workers @ 00:46:37

Can training Fix it : Harry needs a new job! Can he be reskilled?! @00:58:07

The Big Thing Revisited: Designing for Disabilities @ 01:03:40

Note from Portland @ 01:14:08

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Thanks to Tye Roberts for research

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