ML022 – Scent of a Training & Request Intakes

Adam Costakes, Cynthia “Gibbs” Gibbs, and Dan Hirt explore olfactory enhancements because of, you guessed it, the Germans. Also, how to properly (maybe) take in a request for training material.

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Still 4 more episodes until H[redected]C is allowed to be mentioned, so you’re still safe. @ 00:03:00


Smell of Roses, Even During Sleep, Shown to Help Improve Learning Success by as Much as 30%  @ 00:06:30

Keeping Up With the Evolving Regulations: Compliance Training and Microlearning @ 00:18:45

Training New Employees Sucks. 3 Ways Make It Faster, Easier and More Effective. @ 00:32:37

CAN TRAINING FIX IT -CANCELLED @ 00:51:45 ! Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to access the link, and unable to talk about the article. Maybe you’ll have better luck


What should be on a training intake request form? Should we even have one?!

But then Cathy says…..

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